Life Insurance

Life insurance has been around for generations, and it continues to be a great option for retirement planning.  There are a multitude of insurance products on the market --  whole life, term life, universal life and variable universal life insurance to name a few. It’s not always easy to sift through the options. That’s when having an advisor like Plan4Retire, LLC. is very beneficial.

There are many advantages and tax breaks associated with whole life and universal life policies. For example, the death benefit is untaxed, and the policy can accumulate cash through a tax-deferred savings account. These insurance policies are often recommended during volatile market conditions.

Term Life insurance is best for a specific goal (for example, saving for an education) and is generally inexpensive. Variable universal life insurance policies have the potential to accumulate large cash value, which is good for retirement planning, but it is a long term commitment; thus, not for everybody.

Whatever your life insurance needs might be, Plan4Retire, LLC. will guide you through the process and can offer ideas on the insurance products you may need.


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