About Us

Plan4Retire, LLC. specializes in working with individuals and businesses towards achieving their financial goals and needs through customized financial planning.  Whether you need life insurance, disability insurance, college savings plans, retirement planning or estate planning, we offer a lifetime financial guide approach to our clients.

Today’s financial markets are becoming increasingly more complicated. Selecting the investment options that are best for you can be overwhelming without professional guidance. There are five important steps we utilize in the process of designing a personalized plan:

Information Gathering

Information gathering is the first step in developing a personalized plan.  We will examine all your documents, such as tax returns, income statements, employee benefit and retirement plan documents, wills, trusts, insurance policies, investment statements and bank statements. In addition, we will discuss your lifestyle goals and considerations such as the economy, interest rates and inflation. 

Research and Plan Design

After we gather all of the information, we begin developing your customized financial plan with thorough analysis.  We know where you are and where you want to be. Now we need to determine best alternatives to give you the best chance of getting there.

Plan Presentation

After all of the recommendations are in writing, we will present them to you. During the first interview, we will present the plan to you and review the major areas. If you agree, we will prioritize the recommendations and prepare ideas on ways to implement the items.

Plan Implementation

The first three steps move quite quickly. Implementing the plan takes longer. Some recommendations will be major, broad, strategic recommendations, each worth thousands of dollars to you. The remainder will be fine-tuning the recommendations you choose to put in place.

Plan Maintenance

It is essential to provide periodic updates and ongoing advice, whether that includes tax-planning sessions, portfolio reviews, or insurance updates, etc. Perhaps you need some questions answered about whether you should refinance your mortgage, lease or buy a car, etc.  We will notify you when changes in conditions may directly affect your plan.


Securities, Investment Advisory Services and Insurance offered through Thurston Springer Financial, a registered Broker-Dealer (Member FINRA & SIPC), SEC-Registered Investment Adviser Firm, and Indiana Insurance Agency.  Corporate Headquarters & OSJ: 9000 Keystone Crossing, Seventh Floor, Indianapolis, IN 46240 [toll free] 1.800.433.8049 [website] www.ThurstonSpringer.com 

Roy Neal is a registered associate of Thurston Springer and is doing business as Plan4Retire. Plan4Retire is independent of Thurston Springer.